algebra : indices

[ Laws of Indices ][ index multiplication ][ index division ]

[ indices powers ][ indices reciprocals, roots ]




The Laws of Indices have been examined already with respect to 'number' under

the heading 'powers & roots'.

However, in this section indices will be looked at in more depth, this time

examples will use algebraic symbols.


The Laws of Indices

multiplication  indices

division indices

indices power

indices root

indices reciprocal

indices zero


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Indices - Multiplication

remembering that:

multiplication  indices


index mult egs.


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Indices - Division

remembering that:

index division #2


indices division egs.


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Indices - Powers

remembering that:

indices powers 2


indices power egs.


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Indices - Roots and Reciprocals

remembering that:

indices roots #2


indices reciprocals egs.



indices recip egs.



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